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Teaching the Next Generation

Teaching is one of the most fulfilling career paths you can choose as it gives you the power to inspire and motivate the people of tomorrow. The classroom is a place where many children will discover who and what they want to be in the future, and a teacher is at the very heart of that.

The importance of the role cannot be understated, so it’s important to fully understand the influence you have on your students and how you can best develop their skills. In this article, we’ll highlight the role a teacher plays in a child’s life and how you can ensure that you continue to engage, inspire and fascinate in your classroom.    

The Role You Play

A teacher is a multi-faceted role that encompasses a range of different skill sets. On the surface, a teacher is there to do exactly that; teach. But, dig deeper and you begin to see that teaching involves preparing a child for life, ensuring that they have the skills to take their learning further, exposing them to new ways of learning and much more. The perfect teaching candidate should understand this fully and master all areas of their role.  

Engage and Inspire your Students

Teaching is more than just standing at the front of a classroom and delivering content to a classroom. It is your job to make the syllabus come to life and infuse every lesson with enthusiasm and energy. A good teacher not only teaches a child but enlightens and inspires them to take an interest in learning. How many times do we see a child who goes on to study a subject because a teacher inspired them in the first place. Even in the lower years of education, you have the ability to influence a child’s life and capture their imagination.  

This is done by creating engaging and comprehensive lesson plans that demonstrate the ideas in new and exciting ways. Your lessons are often some of the only environments in which a child gets to delve deeper into a subject, so it’s crucial that your lesson planning is of the highest quality to deliver the best possible service. 

It’s also important to remember that all children are different, so individualising their learning experience is absolutely key. Some children may be visual learners who thrive when presented with a detailed picture, whilst others may be physical learners who absorb information best when they can see an idea in action.  

Preparing a child for the Next Stage of Their Life

Preparing a child for the next stage in their life is something that is true in all levels of teaching, regardless of the key stage. Primary children will need to learn the skills needed as they make the jump to secondary school, whilst comprehensive school students will need to understand how to navigate the world of work or further education. It is your role to offer the guidance and support needed for a child to confidently take the next steps in life.  

Find New Ways to Learn

How you learn is almost as important as the subject matter itself. By looking at how a child learns, you can begin to understand how they best process and retain information. This can be helpful in later life as they can approach problems in ways that make sense to them. 

All children learn in different ways and it always pays to play to their strengths. Even still, it’s a good idea to push a child out of their comfort zone slightly to develop their skills and make them a more well rounded learner. By experiencing new ways of learning, a child will establish new ways of finding solutions to the problems they face. It is a teacher’s role to know when to push a child that extra amount, or when to hold back and support them.   

Stay Up to Date as a Teacher

One of the factors that makes teaching so exciting is that it never stands still. There are always new ways to learn, cutting-edge technologies to utilise in your classroom and contemporary ‘buzzwords’ that inform the ways in which you teach. Being a successful teacher means not only using any advancements in the classroom but fully understanding how they should be used and how they can benefit your children.

This might include thinking about new ways to learn that are different from the traditional methods. This could be trying new ideas in the classroom, looking at other resources, and finding new ways to inspire learning in your classroom. Nowadays, we are inundated with fresh and exciting places to draw information from, whether it be books, online blogs, social media or news articles. Think about how you can approach your teaching differently and your students will reap the rewards. 

Becoming a Teaching Candidate

If you’re interested in starting your career in teaching, LTF Recruitment offers the services you need to take the first steps. Our teacher training programmes will give you the skills and qualifications you need to progress your career and become the perfect candidate for a teaching role. Thanks to our partnership with Flying High Trust, you can access a programme that will award you with fully qualified teaching status by the end of just one academic year.

Alternatively, if you already have the qualifications you need, our job finder tool is the perfect place for finding your dream teaching role. Simply type in your chosen position, filter your location and type of work you’re looking for, then select the role that’s right for you. You’re career in teaching starts with LTF Recruitment.

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