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Your CV is the first step in landing the teaching assistant role of your dreams. This is your first line of communication with a potential employer so it’s absolutely crucial that you know how to produce an effective one. The quality of your CV can make the difference between landing a role or not and first impressions lay the foundations for any further relationships in the future.  

Your CV should include a personal profile (or personnel statement), relevant qualifications and skills, and tailored experience to show that you’re right for the role. Our CV writing tips will ensure that you stand out from the crowd, make the perfect first impression to your potential new employee, and communicate why you are perfect for the role.

Nail Your Personal Profile

Your personal profile is your chance to show your personality and stand out from the crowd. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to sell yourself to the employer – which is especially useful if you lack previous teaching assistant experience. Your personal profile should avoid common clichés such as having ‘fantastic communication skills’ or being ‘a team player’, as you need to showcase to the employer why you stand out from the other teaching assistant candidates.

For the best results, one of the most overlooked CV writing tips we’d always recommend is tailoring your personal profile to the specific role you’re applying for. Try to keep it brief and only pick the most relevant skills from your CV to ensure the employer gets a sense of your personality and skill set in just a few lines. 

Shout About Your Relevant Experience and Qualifications 

No CV is complete without including a selection of your most relevant skill, qualifications and experience. The information you include should be relevant to the job you are applying for so read the job description thoroughly, and try to match your skills to what the employer requires. 

You should include general information such as GCSE’s, A-levels or teaching assistant qualifications, as well as more specific qualifications that could help to give you the extra edge over other candidates. You might be first aid qualified, or have a qualification in written communications for a school that specialises in English, whatever it is, showcase it.  

Tailor Your CV to the Individual School You Are Applying To

Your CV should always be fully tailored to the individual school or role that you’re applying for. This showcases to the employer that you’ve read and understood the specifics of the role and position, and haven’t sent out one generic application to a range of different employers. This extra effort won’t go unnoticed and could be the difference maker when they decide on a candidate. Tailoring your CV will also demonstrate clearly that your experience and skills match that of the job roles. 

Producing a CV that is focused on the specific role or school does not need to be time consuming. Scan through the job description thoroughly and jot down a number of key things that align with your own experience. 

You might also choose to carry out some background research on the school itself by visiting the website. . For example; the school may be particularly good at a certain subject so it could be worth tailoring your CV to highlight your own experience within this area,   

Look out for snippets of information you can use in your CV and write accordingly. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes and usually a handful of targeted tweaks are enough. The process will begin to come naturally once you have successfully written and submitted a couple. 

Focus on Your Achievements With Clear Metrics

One of the most effective methods for showcasing your talents is by providing tangible metrics to support your CV. Avoid sentences such as ‘supported students during an exam period’ and try to be more specific. How many students did you support? What were their grades after the exams? Proving this information will provide helpful reference points that can reinforce your suitability for the job.

Let LTF Recruitment Help You Land A Teaching Assistant Job

If you follow these simple CV writing tips, you’re guaranteed to improve your chances of landing your dream teaching assistant role in the education industry. Now it’s time to put these tips into action and begin your career in a position that is perfect for you.

LTF has a lot of teacher training and courses to help you gain the knowledge required and set the foundation for your career. You can also browse our many teaching assistant jobs – simply upload your CV  to get started. 

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