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Teaching Assistants Are in High Demand for These 3 Reasons

Teaching assistants are in demand in the UK now more than ever. In research conducted by Hays Education, it was found that teaching assistants were the hardest position to fill in the classroom. An incredible 45% of schools stated that they had found it difficult to hire support staff, and 20% had difficulty in finding specialist teaching assistants. 

It’s difficult to pinpoint why there has been such a drop in teaching assistants in the UK. The same research states that many schools put it down to a nationwide skills shortage. Whilst this has made the last few years difficult for schools up and down the country, it means there is no better time to enter the industry for a skilled teaching assistant. From providing essential additional support to teachers to giving valuable one-to-one teaching time to students, the importance of teaching assistants cannot be understated.  

TA’s Provide an Additional Resource in the Classroom

Teaching assistants (TAs) play a vital role in the classroom by providing an additional resource that supports the teaching and learning process. They work closely with teachers to ensure the smooth functioning of the classroom and contribute to the overall academic experience of students.

1. Assisting with Course Materials

Teaching assistants collaborate with teachers to plan lessons and coursework. They help prepare learning materials, distribute them to students, and ensure that students have the necessary resources to succeed. By working closely with teachers, teaching assistants ensure that the curriculum is effectively delivered and students have access to all the relevant materials they need to enhance their learning.

2. Direct Student Interaction and Support

Teaching assistants provide direct support to students by answering questions, offering explanations, and provide individualised assistance when needed. They may conduct small group sessions, tutor students, or provide feedback on assignments to help students improve their understanding of the subject matter. This personalised attention and guidance from teaching assistants contribute to students’ academic growth and success.

Students Receive Additional Care

Teaching assistants play a crucial role in ensuring that students receive the care and attention they need within the classroom environment. Their presence and support have a positive impact on students’ well-being and academic progress. Here’s why teaching assistants are essential for student care:

1. Individualised Attention

With the help of teaching assistants, students can receive individualised attention and support. Teaching assistants can address students’ questions, concerns, and specific learning needs on a more personal level, fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment. This individualised attention allows students to thrive academically and acts as a valuable support for their development.

2. Assistance for Students with Special Needs

Teaching assistants often work closely with students who have special needs or disabilities. They provide the necessary support and accommodations to help these students fully participate in classroom activities and achieve their learning goals. Teaching assistants collaborate with teachers, parents, and other professionals to create inclusive learning environments that cater to the diverse needs of students.

Inclusion Is Improved

Teaching assistants contribute significantly to creating inclusive classrooms where every student feels valued and supported. Their presence helps foster a sense of belonging among students and promotes inclusive practices. 

1. Supporting Diverse Learning Styles

Students have different learning styles and preferences. Teaching assistants help in identifying and addressing these differences by providing alternative explanations, additional examples, or tailored approaches to learning. By accommodating diverse learning styles, teaching assistants help create an inclusive environment where all students can engage effectively with the curriculum.

2. Encouraging Collaboration and Participation

Teaching assistants facilitate collaboration among students by organising group activities and projects. They encourage teamwork, communication, and respect for diverse perspectives. By promoting collaboration, Teaching assistants contribute to the development of important social skills and help students appreciate the value of working together as a community

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